Mental Health

Through psycho-social support, we use a model of play therapy to focus on the family from the youngest to the oldest member and deal with evolving ages. The main focus is helping individuals understand where they come from, what happened to them, and its impacts but learning skills on how they can liberate themselves. We curate activities to trigger mental wellness in different spaces like schools, youth centers, and hospitals. This is made possible through sports, play, art, and bibliotherapy.

Direct Services

Okoa Kairetu Program- A program focused on offering psychosocial support to teenage mothers and their families through individual and group therapy for teenage mothers and family therapy for their caregivers and parents. Through this program, we have reached 60 teenage mothers and 20 families.

Vema Concert- A concert organized by DoweMusic & Arts we offered our expert opinion on the impact of Gender Based Violence on Mental Health. As an organization, we use arts to advance mental health and we partner with like-minded organizations to achieve this like Dowe Music.

Having on-call psychological counselors to address emerging needs

Mental Health referrals



Community engagement with the community, local leaders, and religious leaders to create awareness of Mental Health and Psycho-Social services

work with local leaders to capacity build on different skills as well as community mobilizers and facilitators. 

work with religious leaders to enhance capacity and champions of mental health as well as access to religious spaces to allow access for awareness creation to members 

awareness sessions to bring attention to mental health through mainstream and social media engagement.

partnerships activities with schools and guiding and counseling departments to bridge gaps in awareness of mental health


youth friendly centers partnerships

art for mental health awareness