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Mental Health

Through psycho-social support, we use a model of play therapy to focus on the family from the youngest to the oldest member and deal with evolving ages. The main focus is helping individuals understand where they come from, what happened to them, and its impacts but learning skills on how they can liberate themselves. We curate activities to trigger mental wellness in different spaces like schools, youth centers, and hospitals. This is made possible through sports, play, art, and bibliotherapy.

Adolescents and Youth Empowerment

Adolescents and Youth Empowerment Our model focuses on holistic mentorship in different spheres (Mental, Socioeconomic) at different ever-evolving ages. We deal with disempowering factors like families, community, and systemic challenges to give adolescents a voice. Direct Service We have been a link between youth living on the streets and youth-friendly services to provide referrals for reproductive health services. Outreach