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Okoa Kairetu

Okoa Kairetu

The issue of transactional sex between teenage girls and older men has been found to be common among girls who come from poor backgrounds. In most cases, the girls are not able to afford necessities like sanitary towels.

The advent of COVID 19 brought about another twist to this narrative. With the harsh economic times that most families are experiencing, it was found that some of the girls will now exchange sex with some money to enable them to escape the tough conditions at home.

These findings led to the launch of the ‘Okoa Kairetu’ program which seeks to offer psychosocial support to teenage mothers, teenage girls, and their families through community engagement and family and group therapies.

Through the program, more than 60 teenage mothers, pregnant teens, 30 families, and over 150 community members in Madaraka area, Nakuru East Sub-County have been reached.

We are looking forward to ensuring that teenage mothers and girls are empowered and provided with safe spaces to share their experiences and grow and learn.

The program has also helped achieve our mission to have an empowered society with integrated services on mental and reproductive health for the youth.

This will further promote socio-economic empowerment and ultimately enhance the quality of life.