Haven of Dreams


Vision and Values

Haven of Dreams

Haven of dreams is a youth and women led organization based in Nakuru County and was born and first founded in the year January 2019, when a group of individuals came together to discuss issues surrounding mental wellness, share their experiences, the gaps and need to address the need for individuals to be more aware of themselves and have life skills to cope with different life circumstances. Progressively, the organization has been able to expand boundaries and deal with other thematic areas.

Haven of Dreams as the name states is a safe place for individuals to share their experiences and given opportunity to grow and learn.

Haven of Dreams as an organization is registered with the government of Kenya based on Policies and National guidelines on implementation of the organization program and the strategies. The organization has well stated goal, vision and mission statements.

Our Vision

To provide a safe place for individuals to share their experiences while getting opportunity to grow and learn

Our Mission

An empowered society where all have well integrated services on mental and reproductive health, engendering psychosocial, youth and socio- economic empowerment in enhancing quality of life.

Thematic Areas

The organization executes its activities and programs in line with the following prioritized thematic areas in order to contribute to whole individuals

  1. Mental wellness and psychosocial support
  2. Gender equality and empowerment
  3. Youth empowerment
  4. Reproductive Health